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Oh jesus...
Has it really been almost a year since I last updated?
Oh the shame.... the shaaaaaaaaame...
I am seriously the worst web administrator ever XD oh man I feel bad.

If anyone still visits this webpage I am so so sorry. I have actually been drafting updates but I have yet to actually put any of them into effect for various reasons. (Mostly after work laziness... you know... when you have delusions of grandure about what you're going to do when you get home but then you just sit on your butt and play World of Warcraft until 1 am like O_O Oh damn! I totally didn't do ANYTHING I said I was going to!)
wow um... let see... lots of things have changed.

-The forums have been taken down until a future date TBA because of the horrible horrible amount of spam bots that found their way in, I couldn't even delete them fast enough.

-Quazo from (go there it's awesome) is my new roomate so he will inspire me to not be such a lazy ass and at least attempt to capture and retain the intrest of a fan base. Also you may be seeing more Noneup/Imadoki Kyo Cross overs in the future. Already some really bad comic Idea's (bad but hilarious) have been spawned from the combination of a room of friends, a fridge of booze, and staying up waaay waay too late.

-I just got back from Anime Central in Rosemont Illinois where I cos-played like a HUGE nerd so be on the look out for some of those pictures. If any of the otaku6 want to contribute pictures I will be happy to scan them in (or just download them if they are digital) and add them to the photogallery I will be compiling.

uuuuuum... >_< agh there was more but I'm so fried right now I can't think of it...
I'll update again soon... I promise...
Otherwise you can just... I don't know... beat me or something.

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