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"Pupils begin to grow" [04 Mar 2008|03:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So Gary Gygax died. In case you don't know who that is, consult your nearest nerd or geek.

He created D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, if you will.

May he eternally roll twenties.

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::Groan:: [23 May 2007|04:22pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

Oh jesus...
Has it really been almost a year since I last updated?
Oh the shame.... the shaaaaaaaaame...
I am seriously the worst web administrator ever XD oh man I feel bad.

If anyone still visits this webpage I am so so sorry. I have actually been drafting updates but I have yet to actually put any of them into effect for various reasons. (Mostly after work laziness... you know... when you have delusions of grandure about what you're going to do when you get home but then you just sit on your butt and play World of Warcraft until 1 am like O_O Oh damn! I totally didn't do ANYTHING I said I was going to!)
wow um... let see... lots of things have changed.

-The forums have been taken down until a future date TBA because of the horrible horrible amount of spam bots that found their way in, I couldn't even delete them fast enough.

-Quazo from http://www.Noneup.com (go there it's awesome) is my new roomate so he will inspire me to not be such a lazy ass and at least attempt to capture and retain the intrest of a fan base. Also you may be seeing more Noneup/Imadoki Kyo Cross overs in the future. Already some really bad comic Idea's (bad but hilarious) have been spawned from the combination of a room of friends, a fridge of booze, and staying up waaay waay too late.

-I just got back from Anime Central in Rosemont Illinois where I cos-played like a HUGE nerd so be on the look out for some of those pictures. If any of the otaku6 want to contribute pictures I will be happy to scan them in (or just download them if they are digital) and add them to the photogallery I will be compiling.

uuuuuum... >_< agh there was more but I'm so fried right now I can't think of it...
I'll update again soon... I promise...
Otherwise you can just... I don't know... beat me or something.


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None Up Volume 1 is available for sale now! [07 Aug 2006|06:33pm]

(If this post infringes any rules, I apologize and you may delete it if necessary.

Webcomic None Up is now available for purchase in a sleek, sexy book form and can be found here. Thanks for supporting None Up because Otaku6 rocks my sock with purple blocks!
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Back in buisness again! [24 Jul 2006|01:14pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Yaaay my digitizer pad finally works again! and that means more Imadoki Kyo for youuu ^_~
and as a special treat, a pretty picture of Miho Sun Park.

Will update again soon, sorry for the delay...
Love always!

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::is shamefully shamefull:: [23 Mar 2006|02:31am]

[ mood | amused ]

Ah ha ha...
I told Neko-san I would write the update...aaaaand totally forgot until... oh just now.

Well Imadoki Kyo has been updated... alot...
...everyone should read it ::nods:: yes they should...

Also depending on how well I absorb Neko-san's teachings on how to "not be dreamweaver illiterate" you may be seeing alot more updating in the future!
Keep your fingers crossed!

Love Always,

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And we're back! [23 Feb 2006|12:34am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Oooo and look! Behold how we update!
Neko-san gratiously posted a whole bunch of Imadoki Kyo... so I think we're updated through at least 23 now so I guess that means I have to start cranking them out again then lol
(slacker time is over Hakkai-san)

Anywho... most of the Otaku6 crew are attending acen so if you're going try to spot us there!
Kiley and myself are going as Squall and Rinoa ^_~

so... go read the comic! ::points::


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Araa... [16 Feb 2006|02:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

so behind! Gomen-ne!
I havent been sending Neko-san updates like I should ::looks properly ashamed::
We still exist we do! schedual conflicts suck!
Lets see lets see what to update about...
Neko-san is currently out of state so the next actual update probebly wont be for a while (again... because Hakkai-san is a useless heap when it comes to dreamweaver)
I have drawn new North Star, Dark Star pages as well as having a sudden strange obsession with Zanifar (even though he's only in like 2 of the pages currently posted...) as well as a whole crapload of Imadoki Kyo (I'm actually up to 34 now... it's a product of my own laziness that you have only seen 11 on the website... feel free to send me an e-brick through my e-window...)

News News... Momiji-chan approached me with an Idea, she wants to form what I guess would be like a kind of "american Clamp" which we have tenatively named ourselfs BAMF (lol it's a bad bad joke... go listen to Dane Cook you'll understand)
She's asked two other artists so we'll see how that turns out Nei?

As for me I'm trying to find out plans for a-cen because I want to go and dress in cosplay like a huge nerd. And possibly try to sell some of my art (delusions of grandure I know...) so if any of you people are going to A-cen I might see you there ^__^

Oh! and until I get a link for his website I'll just post the link here because I love Quazo and everyone else should too!
Go there! Laugh much and hard!

<3<3 Hakkai-san

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Latest updates [05 Dec 2005|10:29pm]

Ok, so releasing comics on a regular schedule wasn't working when I planned to do it. Since I will always be near a computer and the archives on Monday, Monday it will be. The latest IK is now posted. Enjoy. :)

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New Imadoki Kyo! [13 Nov 2005|11:00pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ooooh look at the love that is a weekly updating schedual ^__^

I know Neko-san posted this already but we have a chatroom!!
Don't be shy! Come talk to us! ^_^

Imadoki Kyo plods along at a steady pace and I drew two new ones to add to the growing cache so stay tuned and again feel free to leave us your questions comments or conserns! we love to hear from everyone!


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New design! [11 Nov 2005|01:10am]

Welcome one and all. For you, we have two new features. Firstly, how do you like the new look? Of course, I still haven't brought all the old pages into the new design, but this brings it one step closer.

In other news, we have a chat room now. More information can be seen by clicking the "Chat" link in the navigation menu on the left.

Lastly, Imadoki Kyo has moved to a weekly schedule. Hakkai-san has been busy making a backlog of them. So, one new comic a week -- every Friday.

Until next time, take care.
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Otaku6 back [02 Nov 2005|06:10pm]

Ok, updated billing for the site, and renewed the domain. We should be back within 24 hrs. :)
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O_O [25 Sep 2005|11:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Holy I didn't even notice we had new members in the Livejounral community! Welcome!

On a different note I finished 2 new pages of NSDS and many more Imadoki Kyo... however we are a bit behind on updating so they will be up soon hopefully... Just keeping y'all posted ^_~

I drew a freaky picture of Polaris that I am going to probebly use as a chapter cover for the series at some point.
People in the anime club on my campus were talking about making a little manga or something as well so don't be suprised if random characters start to appear in Imadoki Kyo for no real reason.

Love Always

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New Pictures! ^__^ [13 Sep 2005|12:20am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Haaa... I need to update more often ::is properly ashamed::
But I still love you!(Dont give up on me ::weep:: )

D has been writing a new webcomic which will be drawn by yours truely (3 now??? for real Hakkai-san? Stick with one comic!)

::cough:: anyway I believe the tenative title is "Damned to Earth" and it shall be posted relatively soon...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ooooh Ranief and Loki...
okay okay I know Loki has only been in 2 pages so far... but I'm working on it again now!
(please dont hurt me)

Sooo yeah I know I have said this before but I have more freetime again now even with school because my hours at work got cut so there WILL be new NSDS pages... so help me...

Love Always...


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Tsubasa Reservoir Anime reveiw (with pictures) [25 Jul 2005|05:15pm]

[ mood | excited ]

A new anime by the famous all-female group CLAMP.

Think of it as a kind of CLAMP in Wonderland series, where they take characters from all over the CLAMP demention and throw them together into one big kit-n-caboodle.

The story goes where childhood friends Sakura and Sayoran, from the Kingdom of Clow are swept up in a mysterious adventure involving Sakura's innate and cryptic powers. In an accident where acient ruins are excavated in the outskirts of the Clow Kingdom; Sakura's power is triggered and she ends up losing all her memories in a mystical whirl of magical feathers. Sayoran vows infront of Princess Sakura's brother King Touya and his advisor Yukito; the Moon Priest, that he will travel to the other worlds in search of Sakura's feathers.

At the same time two other people; Fai from the Celestial world, and Kurogane from a feudal world also disembark (each for different reasons) from their homeworlds and eventually end up meeting Sayoran and Sakura in modern-day Japan. Each person on a different mission all eventually realize that in some way they have the same objective. They join forces to explore vast new dementional worlds in search of Sakura's feathers.

Sayoran, Taking up the practice of his late father as an archeologist, he befriends Sakura at a young age. Strong-willed and chivalrous, he embarks on the journey to bring Sakura's memories.
(Holds the spirit of the Fire Lion)

Sakura, The princess of Clow, strong-minded and gracefull, she has the ability to find and bring out the good in people.

Fai D. Flourite, the enigmatic magician who escaped his world in search of a place to hide from his king. Willing to lend a hand to help Sayoran find Sakura's feathers as long as he dosen't get too deep into trouble. Witty and jockular wearing a perpetual smile, he holds deeper secrets than he lets on.
(Holds the spirit of the Wind Phoenix)

Kurogane, an unbeatable ultimate fighter from a rural Japan; banished from his world by Princess Tomoyo as punishment for all his useless killing. Greatly desiring to return home; he sides up with the other three and reluctantly helps to search for Sakura's feathers.
(Holds the Spirit of the Water Dragon)

With the help of a mistical creature called Mokona they travel different worlds.
So far there has been crossovers from the following CLAMP manga/anime:

Cardcaptor Sakura
Magic Knights RayEarth
many more to come...

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What would you do for a comic strip? [28 Jun 2005|11:33pm]

As I type this, a new Imadoki Kyo is being uploaded. Hakkai-san decided to be just a bit tounge-in-cheek this time with a slight bit of a rip on herself. Don't worry, Hakkai, we all still love you. :)

::New Comic::

Enjoy. ~N
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Minor site updates [18 Jun 2005|12:46am]

Hi everybody. A new Imadoki Kyo is coming soon from Hakkai-san. The site's design has been updated a little to make it a bit easier to find things. Also, please note the XML icons on the homepage. Use those to get news updates on your desktop or in My Yahoo!. Lastly, I added icons on the right under the live AnimeNewsNetwork feed. The companies we use to keep this site going have done a great job, at very reasonable prices. I also know some of the people who work for this hosting company. So, it is just right that we give them a good word. They have helped an awful lot in making this site work. Thanks!

Peace. ~Neko-san
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Prospective artist seeks shounen-ai ficcy [03 Jun 2005|05:39pm]



Ok, erm. Well i want to start up a shounen-ai manga (first one so be kind) with a very short storyline that wont require too much drawing skill or time. Problem is that while i do write cartloads of stuff, i have real issues with making stuff short and sweet. I always think up another idea, and another way the plot can go, which needs another scene to explain and develop and so on...

So if you have any shounen-ai short stories kicking around or feel like writing one for me, please feel free! Details under the cut if your interested

Oh and sorry if this isnt allowed <_<

Oohh tell me more...Collapse )

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In Soviet Russia, comic reads you! [05 May 2005|10:12am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi, everyone! Three (3) more Imadoki Kyo were posted last night. I also fixed some sillyness on my part in editing some pages. It would seem that 'Page Title' is a popular topic here. ^_^;; In any case, enjoy. ~N

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Mmmm Fresh webcomic-y goodness [26 Apr 2005|10:16pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

No no it's not what you're thinking... I havent drawn new updates for NSDS yet (sorry guys) but instead I bring you a new comic! Imadoki Kyo (roughly translated to "Nowadays Today") is a short strip by strip comic that I will update on a random basis ^__^


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So if you have a minute why dont we go... [18 Apr 2005|09:30am]

[ mood | excited ]

...to the Otaku6 Forums!
Yes we have forums now! and they are full of random goodness!
Join today!
Make our day!

...We love you?

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