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for the otaku in j00!

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This is a community for the webpage Otaku6.net

Otaku6.net is a website created by cho_hakkai with much help from inuyashameow for the anime lover in all you you! So far it has reviews, artwork, fanfictions, image galleries and lyrics. And we plan on growing more and more as time goes on so please support us with your questions suggestions or conserns!
We love comments and critisizm so don't be shy!

Hakkai-san - cho_hakkai
Neko-san - inuyashameow
Kiley - amiboshi_kun
Momiji - maileigh
Nuriko - scryed81
Usagi - cass924
Tahlmah - aericdracul
Harudha - frightenedchild dementedcraving
D - demon_project

It will be mostly updates and suggestions ^__^
feel free to comment!